LB Motorsports Carbon Fiber GPRSHO Completed Photos

We have completed the carbon fiber GPRSHO build and have been testing it over the last several months.  We've managed a 97.2 mph run on GPS in early testing.  This was with a full tank of fuel (FZR tank at 18 gallons) and with the ski very well glued down on the water.  WIth a loose set up and a single prop with a 155mm yamaha stock pump, it'll effortlessly run over 100 mph.  The twin prop Skat 162mm pump is hooking incredibly well with excellent holeshot and the basic rec build motor is screaming with the few upgrades it has.  We haven't had as much time to get it fully dialed in as we hoped, but there's not a whole lot left to fine tune since it runs so well right out of the box.  Here are some additional photos of the finished project.  

LB Motorsports Carbon Fiber GPRSHO Build

LB Motorsports with the support of DCC Motorsports is building carbon fiber GPRSHO conversion to be raced in the Unlimited Class at the US Hydrodrag Nationals and the Riva Racing Hydrodrag World Finals.  As of March 2014, the ski is just about ready to hit the water.

The hull is a Bullett Marine carbon fiber GPR hull built back in the early 2000s for the Open GP class of closed course run t racing.  It's extremely light weight and does not have an inner liner so she's a complete bare carbon shell when you look inside.  

With the help of John Bourdeau Jr (Big John), Patrick Battistello (Vspec1) and Duke Zorn, the 2009 Yamaha FZR engine was built using components we sell on our web store such as 9.5:1 CP pistons, Carrillo rods, Riva/ARP head studs and main studs, Riva cam gears, Engine-Tech 18 lb drop in wheel, Riva valvetrain upgrade kit, and some custom modifications to the oiling system.  Other components used are LB Motorsports 1000 HP race intercooler, TiAL 50mm Q-BOV, Deatschwerks 650cc injectors, Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump kit, DCC Motorsports GPR pressure relief kit, and more!

Be sure to see this ski in action at a future Hydrodrag event.

2012 Hydrodrags Unlimited Class Outcome


The 2012 Riva Racing Hydrodrags was a success this past weekend, 11/2-11/4.  Duke's DCC & LB Motorsports sponsored boat was a force to be reckoned with.  He easily advanced to the finals with crushing victories in the morning.  Later in the afternoon, Duke faced off with Dan (JD1), his closest competitor.  Shane's arm drop was faster than Duke was anticipating which gave Dan a jump and there was no catching him.  After this first loss, Duke was able to stay in it by racing the winner of the loser rounds.  Duke ripped out of the hole and grabbed a spot back against Dan.  In the 2nd race, Duke and Dan left dead on the arm drop and Duke got a slight jump on Dan out of the hole and held it the whole pass.  This left one and final pass to determine the 2012 Unlimited class champion.  Both riders had good reactions to the arm drop and left smooth...Dan just happened to pull a slight bit on Duke and he wasn't able to run him down.  It was a very exciting, nail biting, final round for sure!   

We look forward to coming back in 2012 and competing again, hopefully this time with a few other boats in different classes too!

2012 Fall National Hydrodrags presented by Riva Racing

This weekend (November 2nd-4th) is the 2012 Fall National Hydrodrags.  LB Motorsports and DCC Motorsports will competing in the Unlimited Ski class...the premier and fastest class at the event.  We hope to meet lots of new faces as well as familiar ones.  Come check us out at on the edge of the water...we'll have a DCC and LB Motorsports banner and there will be about 6-12 people sporting our new shirts.  Duke hopes to put his expertise to work yet again to try and claim the title of the 2012 Hydrodrag champion.