Dean's Team Level 6 ECU Reflash for Yamaha SVHO


Specifically designed tune for the ET or RIVA F1 19 lb. wheel. Tune requires ID 1,000 cc injectors, or RIVA 1,000 cc injectors. Must specify what injectors used. Tune for the average of 60 psi static fuel pressure. Aftermarket intercooler required. High volume fuel pump suggested for running over 8800 RPM. This mapping will support running RPMs up to 9600. NOTE: always suggested to upgrade valve train above 8600 running RPMs to avoid engine damage. 93+ octane pump gas required.

Please note: This is a reflash service to your stock ECU. Once you complete the order in our store please ship your ECU to the following address for the reflash service. Be sure to reference your order number in the address as below. We will email you a spec sheet to be completed and mailed in with the ECU as well.

Dean's Team Reflash Service 
Order number (your order number here) 
4803 distribution court unit 6 
orlando, FL 32822 
United States