Riva Racing Adjustable Cam Sprocket Kit for Yamaha 1.8 2013+


Riva Racing Adjustable Cam Sprocket Kit for all Yamaha 1.8 2013+ (HO/SHO/SVHO)

Adjustable Cam Sprocket Kit delivers a significant increase in horsepower, speed & RPM through easy cam timing adjustment. RIVA’s ‘Quick-Tune’ design features interchangeable steel timing inserts that lock-in desired cam adjustment in minutes without removal of cam tensioner, camshaft or cam sprocket (after initial installation. Design allows fast & easy timing adjustment; saving hours of time when testing and tuning. Sprockets are constructed from hardened steel and heat treated for maximum durability.

Key Features:

  • Allows fast & easy adjustment of cam timing for maximum performance
  • Quick-Tune timing inserts lock-in cam timing in minutes
  • Designed for SVHO, SHO & HO Yamaha 1.8L engines
  • Works well with both stock and performance cams
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Includes complete instructions with tuning guide